History of The Tribute Time Machine

Final Show 2015Circa 2006, I stopped by a small club where I would be performing the following week, to see how the band was set up.  The band that was performing that night, was a Styx/Journey tribute called The Grand Delusion.  While I only stayed for a few numbers, I was intrigued to the point that I spent the next few days trying to find out more information about these guys.  So much so, that I was amused at how obsessed I had become.  On day 3, I ran across an ad in The Stranger they had placed looking for a new lead singer.  When I called, I told the band leader, “I think I’m supposed to audition for you.”  I got the gig.
10+ years later, I am performing in 5 different tribute bands and have produced nearly 300 tribute shows showcasing over 30 bands at 4 different venues.  It’s not over-stating to say that I love tribute bands.
It isn’t just the faithful recreation of the music nor even imagery of the artists, but I’ve completely fallen in love with the stories these bands tell; not just about the bands, but about a time when rock radio ruled.  A time when listening to the radio, staying up late to see an artist you loved on Midnight Special, or reading the album liner notes over and over while lying on your back playing their LP, was not just enjoyable, but necessary nourishment.
Music is the backdrop to so many of life’s experiences.  Almost every song we hear from our youth invokes a very specific memory – some good, some not so good but all are to be cherished.
I started to consider a way to relive those cherished memories of youth. A way to relive the golden days of rock radio. A way to travel back in time….and all I needed to do was build a Time Machine!
Creator–The Tribute Time Machine